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Welcome to Lang Signs, Inc.! As you put the imaging details together for your organization, keep in mind the pivotal role a first impression makes to potential clients. Lang Signs, Inc. has been helping clients create their unique image for almost a century. Our reputation speaks for itself, being recognized as one of the leading manufacturing and service companies in the United States. We have also established ourselves as one of the largest continuously operated sign companies in America. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of commercial and retail signage, such as architectural, monument, steel, aluminum, channel letter, sandblasted, neon, retail and residential property, convenience store signage, as well as awnings and electronic message boards. Let our extensive experience in providing quality signage and project management work for you! Whether your objective is the completion of just one sign or as detailed as a 200 location re-image, our job remains the same. Contact us today. We look forward to building a lasting image for your organization!

Lang Signs, Inc. was founded in 1929 in Cumming, GA. The initial success of the company was largely attributed to H.A. Lang Signs ability to hand letter billboards and signs with uncommon precision and skill. The company has grown steadily since 1929, and H.A. Lang Signs attention to quality and detail has remained the benchmark which generations of employees have strived to achieve. While the sign industry has evolved with the advent of technology, customers can still find the same level of quality signage produced by its founder’s brush strokes.

Today, Lang Signs, Inc. serves the Southeast and surrounding states with quality signs designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s needs. Our highly skilled staff possess years of experience and a passion for the art of quality sign making. The company values long lasting relationships with both its employees and clients and is attentive to the importance of presenting a quality visual image which enhances our client’s success. Let us put our extensive experience and reputation of high-quality products and services to work for you.

Lang Signs Inc. is committed to creating a distinctive image and rigorous advertising campaign for our clients.

Lang Signs Inc. will continue to implement our founder’s devotion to quality and detail which has led to recognition as a leader in the sign manufacturing industry through the development and maintenance of quality signage and lasting images.

Teamwork, Honesty, Cooperation, Leadership, Hard Work, Commitment, Quality, Excellence, Innovation.